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Shooting War WIlL premiere AT THE 2017 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL


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When the Americans declared war on Iraq in 2003, Franco Pagetti was there with his camera poised, ready to document the war as he saw it. He was one of two photographers working for TIME magazine (2003-2008) in a war that lasted far longer then predicted. The photographs published from that conflict revealed only a part of the story. As Pagetti explains, “In every conflict, not everything that is happening is very clear, it doesn’t matter what kind of powerful gun you have in your hands, you are an actor of something that is against humanity.” His images told another story, a side not seen on the front pages but the reality of a war zone.  Photographs from each major conflict have told stories that reveal a truth about war not printed in the headlines. This film explores the questions: What are the stories from the Iraq War? What truths do these images reveal? 

"Pictures have the ability to make us stop"

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What we perceive in pictures is often not the case.


Director: Aeyliya Husain
Producer: Aeyliya Husain, Sa’ad Shah
Year: 2017
Run Time: 26 minutes